who can benefit from yoga therapy?

Chronic/New Injuries and chronic pain - Depression - Menopause - Autoimmune Disorders, including but not limited to: MS, Parkinsons, Neurological Disorders - Scoliosis - Back pain(s) - Heart Health - Cancer - Hyper/Hypo Thyroidism - Fibromyalgia - ​Osteoporosis - And more!!!

what clients are saying:

Lumbar Stenosis: The only thing that has provided long-term relief and ZERO pain has been working with Kathy who has provided both an excellent approach and superb instruction in a non-pushy manner that has continued to encourage me to be compliant with a fairly rigorous routine on a regular schedule. Compliance is a must, but the wonderful thing that is happening is that I am gaining strength and a range of motion and flexibility I have not had since my 20’s.  I am convinced that if I go back and have x-rays or MRI done again that the result would be increased lumbar joint space.  Unexpected benefits have also accrued.  These include lower than usual blood pressure, improved posture, improving breath control and relaxation throughout the day, and a desire to eat much healthier.   
​Kathy is recommended for therapeutic yoga/Pilates instruction,not only because of her in-depth knowledge and ability to prescribe the exact right program customized for her clients, but also her wonderful demeanor and sincere interest in the client and their progress. -Jim G.

​Bursitis: I suffer from chronic bursitis of my right hip. The pain can only be relieved with cortisone shots....In our first meeting, Kathy did a comprehensive assessment of my general posture. She viewed me from all angles, even standing on a chair to look down at me...After a week, I could sleep through the night without pain, something I had not done since my last shot wore off. I couldn't believe what a difference it made...After a few sessions with Kathy, I felt for the first time for years that I do not have to live with daily pain. I highly recommend Kathy's Yoga Therapy to anyone with chronic pain problems.  -Cat S.

Breast Cancer: Having been educated as a physical therapist and on the wellness path for many years I developed breast cancer. A mastectomy and reconstruction of the breasts quickly ensued... My progress with range of motion and decreased pain improved markedly within the first session. Her encouragement and insight as well as research into my condition, decreased my recovery time...I would highly recommend Kathy to all ages and all abilities in providing yoga therapy. I see her as a valuable asset to any health team. -Susan R.


Your first visit would include time to discuss your background, work/home life, whatever ailments, injuries or concerns you have. If we feel we will be a good fit we will move on to the next step. I would then evaluate your posture from all angles to see any imbalances to note to help find balance in your body. At your initial visit, I would prescribe two to four postures, breathing practices or meditations that would help with any imbalances or more specifically to your initial concerns.

Goals are very important to the process. We will discuss goals for your progress and what are you hoping to accomplish and what is feasible for your at-home practice. We will also decide how often to meet and a day and time to meet that is convenient for both of us. Each meeting after would iclude going over any questions or concerns as well as giving more postures or breathing techniques to continue helping move you toward your goals. 

When all goals are accomplished, we would work out way towards your at home self-care. This would involve reducing the number of times we meet until you are comfortable to meet as needed. 

what is yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy provides a holistic approach to health and wellness at physical and mental levels. It provides a journey of healing bringing balance to the body and mind through use of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, which are prescribed to suit individual needs. Clients may be experiencing an illness, temporary or chronic, and/or psychological or somatic dysfunctions ranging from back problems to emotional distress. Therapists look to understand the the whole being as an integrated body-mind system which functions best when in a state of balance. Medical research shows Yoga Therapy among the most effective complimentary therapies for common ailments, especially those that persist despite pursuit of other conventional medical treatment(s).


Decrease in physical aches and pains and tension and stress associated with pain
Increased sense of mind-body connection
​Increased energy and reprieve from chronic pain/depression