Unfortunately, Kathy does not have any kids yoga classes scheduled. Feel free to email her for more details/information.

photos courtesy of kristin mount

benefits of yoga for kids

The goal of yoga is to still the mind of excessive mental chatter so the deeper truth of who we are may be realized. It can contribute to an overall sense of wellness and supports all levels of development. It has been shown that children who practice yoga can better regulate their emotions, manage stress, calm themselves, choose better foods to eat and participate in more physical activity than those who do not. Most significantly, yoga can enable children to experience themselves beyond their likes and dislikes, their personality as well as all they feel is right or not right with themselves. 

BenefitsEnhances flexibility - Facilitates awareness of breath - Helps with balance and coordination - Develops focus and concentration - Boosts self-esteem and confidence - Helps regulate emotions - Strengthens mind-body connection. 


  • Tune in time:This is a time of focus and the time the theme and intention will be presented and a moment to check in and perhaps play a welcoming game.
  • Breath awareness: is key to yoga. We will spend several minutes exploring our breath. These are easy and gentle as intense pranayama, breathing exercises, are not recommended for kids until tween years.
  • Sun Salutations, a series of flowing movements to get the body moving and connect breath with movement.
  • Asanas, or yoga poses: Again, these poses will support the theme and teach the children ways to help their body express itself and find ways to make it feel better. These poses would include standing, balancing, floor and sometimes partner poses.
  • Games/Creative Movement: Great ways to engage the children in unique, non-competitive ways. Also a great way to help kids understand the poses learned in class. 
  • Transition to quiet: This may occur through asanas, a quiet game or a quieting activity.
  • Relaxation: Essential part of any yoga practice. At least a few minutes will be spent in relaxation at end of every class. Length is determined by the students. 
  • Meditation: Great way to still the busy monkey mind. Even kids can learn to sit still and listen to their breath and provides great benefit! 
  • Art Project: May be included sometimes. This may include a simple project, or an ongoing project, or time spent journaling how feel after class.
  • Closing: Seal the practice by allowing kids to share a thought or experience from class, chime bells and friendship circle/squeeze.



As a Kids Yoga instructor, my goal is to bring the gift of breathing, the awareness of mind and body, and the joy of yoga through dynamic yoga movement classes. I will help kids learn control of their minds and bodies as well as the art of loving who they truly are.  ***While this kid's yoga class is based on the proven benefits of a 6000 year old practice, the kid’s workout is about the mind/body fitness connection and not about any religious or spiritual connotations