​What is it?

Yoga is a gentle method of exercise that focuses on the breath with movement. It is performed in an environment that allows one to let go of competition, judgment, and expectations. It is similar to a regular yoga class only the postures are practiced with the assistance of a chair.

What are the benefits?Yoga is a great for flexibility, reduced risk of falls, strength, balance, reduced stiffness, reduced muscular atrophy and increased ease of movement. Yoga has been shown to also provide some relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease and blood pressure levels as well as pain management.

What does a typical class look like?  Class typically starts with some breathing and gentle movements to help get the joints lubricated and moving and to get the mind and body moving as one. Class then moves on to traditional yoga postures. Some poses may be seated, some may be standing, but all poses always have lots of options. We then move on to stretching poses to help lengthen the muscles and keep them lean and healthy.  We always end class with a time of stillness, time to relax the body and the mind. Sometimes class will end offering a breathing practice or meditation practice to assist with relaxation. Sometimes class may even end with a foot massage or face massage, a gift of self-love you give to yourself. Senior Fit Yoga:  This class is designed to add a little more focused strengthening to the regular seniors yoga. It uses the chair for postures as well as therapy bands and small balls to work the muscles a little more deeply. The class focuses on strength, balance, muscle awareness and overall body and mind fitness. This class is offered exclusively at PTC Pathway to Health