Restorative yoga is a relaxing form of yoga that brings healing from the inside out. This yoga class utilizes bolsters, blankets, pillows and anything else needed to support the body. We work to get the body fully supported and at ease so the muscles can finally, truly let go. Often times we think we are relaxing only to find we are holding tension within our body. These are habitual body holding patterns we create within ourselves. Restorative yoga will help the body become completely supported and therefore able to release all tension from the body and release these habitual patterns to create new, healthy  ones.


Restorative Yoga helps waken the relaxation response. This is the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) which offers much healing and rest for our body. This helps turn off the fight or flight response, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), that so many of us live in daily. The more time we spend in the PNS the better. Our body can begin to memorize the sensations of the PNS so it gets easier to be in this state. So, next time one gets all worked up, call to mind your restorative practice, or meditation practice, and the body will relax much more quickly and easily.  Many postures aid in digestion and organ function as well as help the heart get much needed rest. It can be helpful for those dealing with auto-immune disorders and heart disease as well as those who are just plain stressed and burnt out.


Everyone, seriously! From beginner to advanced, from those practicing for 20 years to those who haven’t even heard of yoga. ANYONE can do Restorative Yoga.


Typically, Restorative Yoga is a 2 hour class consisting of 5-6 postures. We slowly ease into the postures finding the support our body needs for each pose.  Then time is spent with the breath, releasing more deeply with each exhale. I then come around and gently press down on the body and sometimes give gentle massage to help the body gently open and fully release. Each pose is held anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes to allow for full relaxation. The first posture is spent focusing on the breath to focus the mind and relax the body. We then relax through with other postures to either support the theme of the class or that will bring the body through a gentle sequence. We then end with a comfortable posture that can be held for several minutes. I will come around at this time to give a gentle head and face massage for those who are open to receiving.