I attended Kathy's meditation class this past Spring.  I had never practiced meditation before and I LOVE it!  Kathy taught us different types of meditation practices as well as its history.  As a group we shared our individual experiences and meditated together.  This class was so awesome that I am taking it again in June!  Kathy is an excellent teacher and makes this class an amazing and fun experience with her kind, caring soul and her down to earth approach. -Julie B.

A great course that introduces a variety of techniques that will bring you into the zone! -Steve S.

A positive and rewarding experience. Inspirational working together as a group in class and has had a profound effect on our lives. We didn't think it was possible to clear our mind, but it actually works. Really enjoyed attending this together as a couple.

-Don and Pam P.

The transforming power of this silent communication with our spiritual selves is beautiful. Kathy is a wonderful teacher and leads us slowly into the process, for only a few minutes in the beginning, then working up to longer lengths of time. Very comfortable atmosphere. -Lana W.


Starting a new meditation session and the follow up to meditation, Pranayama/Breathing Techniques, in September. Stay tuned for details.

Check out YogaMooch's 8 week Meditation Course. We will demystify the idea of meditation and realize that it truly is possible for everyone to meditate. You will leave this course with at least 12 meditation techniques and hopefully find your favorite method. The group will meet once a week for one hour, experience gentle accountability in a non-threatening environment, experience wonderful community and reap the many rewards and benefits of meditation. It is a great experience!

Pranayama is the follow up to meditation, though the meditation course is not a pre-requisite. This course will introduce you to a whole new level of meditation using different methods of changing and controling the breath. It is a great way to increase breath awareness and oxygen consumption as well as calm the mind to prepare you for a more successful meditation session.


Meditation is wonderful in that it helps us find a constant source of inner peace and wisdom. It promotes relaxation and reduces stress. It works to bring us to the present moment, builds internal energy, and becomes a gateway to understanding our self. From this place of understanding, we can draw strength, courage, clarity, and compassion. Meditation also makes it easier to respond and/or react to situations from a calmer, more grounded place, rather than acting out from our old dysfunctional patterns. We are then better able to live our lives in ways true to our own needs and goals, by giving ourselves permission to simply be our self. Once we do this, many of the distractions from other people's expectations and desires melt away, becoming unimportant. Once we have cultivated a relaxed mind, we can free ourselves of quick reactions and be more in tune with things the way they are.


Meditation is defined as any process that leads you to an inner state of relaxed awareness; to engage in contemplation/reflection; and to spend time in quiet thought for spiritual purposes or relaxation. The mind is made to think, so let go of the notion that we must stop thinking in order to meditate.