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500 Hour Register Yoga Trainer/Yoga Therapist

Seniors Yoga, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kids Yoga, ReConnected Kids for Kids with disabilities, CPR, Pilates


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I began exploring yoga in the mid 1990's as an aerobic instructor. Yoga spoke to me in a different way and I continued to explore. In 2002, I started getting more serious and consistent with a guided practice. After my first child everything just seemed to click and feel really good in my body and mind. I started the 200 hour yoga certification process in 2008 and have been teaching ever since. The more I learn the more I want to learn. I respect the different bodies we all have and hope to help all those I touch to feel happy, confident and comfortable in the body they inhabit now, this moment. 

We may desire a different body, and that can be good, but we must be content in what we have at this moment. This thought led me down a more therapeutic approach with my desire to help others live pain-free as much as possible. Whether this happens physically, mentally or emotionally, I truly want everyone to enjoy the body they live in today.

My 200 Hours as a Registered Yoga trainer were completed with YogaFit. My 500 Hours Yoga Therapy were completed through Asheville Yoga Center. My Pilates training was completed through The Method Pilates.


ABOUT yOGamooch

mission statement

As a Yoga Therapist, I will work to improve one's quality of life through yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. I will work one on one with clients to decrease pain and symptoms and increase quality of movement. My goal is to educate my clients, to help them learn from ther bodies and to give them the tools to help themselves feel good.

As a Yoga and Pilates Instructor, I desire to help people experience their body in each moment, in a positive way. To find movement that works best for the individual, in every pose, posture or movement, so each person can feel comfortable and confident in their body. I want to help others find the yoga that fits everybody's needs, but is formatted to fit every body as well.

kathy's philosophy

I believe all bodies are put together differently. It is important that we become astute studies of our own body mechanics in order to learn from ourselves. No one else can truly know how another feels pain or how they personally feel. Self-awareness is important knowledge to have. My desire is to work one on one, or in small group settings, to provide relief from painful physical and/or emotional symptoms and sensation. When we understand what we are working with, we can make educated decisions in each moment and find the true benefit. We control our progress and knowledge, my plan is to help us put this knowledge to good use.

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